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  1. Thoughts on My Life / Pelican Soup
  2. Broth Pelican
  3. Red Lentil & Vegetable Soup
  4. Pelican Bend has been owned and operated by the Cooper family since 1979.

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Thoughts on My Life / Pelican Soup

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Broth Pelican

By the way, thanks for posting a few of these. Now, I can have some fun, too. Originally posted by opsoccergurl11 a boatful of survivors from a shipwreck that lived on an island for a month arrive in san francisco. His wife was severely allergic to lobster. The wrecked passengers and crew lasted a some time on salvaged provisions from the wreck but eventually those ran out apart from a box of tins of soup. The soup labels had all been washed off but they knew the ship had been going to serve a choice of lobster soup or pelican soup.

Red Lentil & Vegetable Soup

The shipwreckees were fairly sure that the soup was pelican and he was absolutely certain but no matter how much he pleaded with her his wife wouldn't try any. She gradually became delusional from thirst and eventually lapsed into unconciousness.

Caramel Soup - Caramel Lion's POTM Video - April 2011

Of course then he took matters into his own hands and spooned some pelican soup soup into his wife's mouth to sustain her. But that night she died anyway. The next day a passing ship saw a signal fire lit by the shipwreckees and they were rescued.

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He has this nagging worry that it might not have been pelican soup, so the first chance he gets he orders some. When he tastes the real pelican soup he realises he must have poisoned his wife.

Pelican Bend has been owned and operated by the Cooper family since 1979.

Nemesio Ursulakantor. After he was rescued he really ate it, it tasted different and he cried. It fits the facts, but really how plausible is it? It's not as much a puzzler but a test of how creatively or morbidly you can think to create a scenario that fits all of the disparate facts.